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Build a business that uses people for the necessary tasks and automation for everything else.


I'm LaToya

I curate custom automation strategies and streamlining processes for entrepreneurs and corporations training teams on best use.

Growing a business to 6 figures without structure is doable, but in order to get to 7, you need reinforcements.

It’s almost like building a sheet fort – it’s perfect until your (or any kid) kid thinks about adding another room on top and you know it absolutely cannot work because there is no proper structure. 

Automation is a big part of building a business. It goes hand in hand with marketing, project management, people management and money management.

Hiring without automation audits means you could be hiring for the wrong role or even hiring for something that wouldn’t be a long term position.

With the correct systems in place to manage your operations:

  • No time wasted preparing an irrelevant job description and sifting through applications 
  • Understand the multiple ways you can automate the manual tasks in your business so you only hire when necessary
  • You’ll save time and money using automation


I help you make this work!

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Frustrated team management, messy systems, and late projects don’t have to be a thing. Grab this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template to start building your systems to get everything streamlined.

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