A Bit About Me

I’m LaToya Russell, a Certified Online Business Manager helping entrepreneurs with their people, projects and processes so that they can continue to effortlessly attract dream clients and grow into 6 and 7 figure business models. 

  • I help online entrepreneurs build businesses that can endure and sustain and not depend! You can take a lovely relaxing vacation and not worry about it all falling apart.
  • With a huge focus on webinars, launches and lead generation, my aim is to ensure you have the best launch each and every time.
  • Project management and launch strategies will include all of your visions so you can bring them to life.

Tell Me…

  • Are your systems set up and automated so you can don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day of your online business?
  • Are you frustrated with your team and scared to delegate because you’re sick of micromanaging?
  • Have you found a dedicated, responsible team that thrives on your visions and automates them so that you can stay focused on those things that only you can do? (You know, coaching, building programs and all your good stuff)

Reached the 6 figure mark?

Need someone to make it all work?

I’ve seen a lot in the world of online businesses and it’s enough for me to know that three of the painful issues out there are managing a team, automations and having easy to use systems in place!

You hit 6 figures and it all goes to crazy… or almost! You’re in between conversations with your Ads Strategist, Community Manager, Marketing Manager and then you’re working with your Developer and Virtual Assistant to put out some fires.

A draining week right?

Time well spent for you would be focusing on sales calls, building new content, coaching… the things you like doing that bring in the money; and it’s not happening so let’s make it happen!

Grab The Automation Guide That Has The Basics You Need To Start Automating Now!