How to Write a Winning Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

You have a potential client who is interested in your virtual assistant services. Congratulations! Now what? Either you’ve communicated via email or booked a discovery call, and it’s time to send a proposal based on the service in need.  Having a quality proposal is crucial for booking gigs, so you don’t want to throw one […]

6 Steps to Adopt a CEO Mindset for Small Business Owners

There’s a reason why the title CEO is so well respected. When you think of a CEO, you imagine someone influential, in charge, and leading a business to success. There’s a certain mindset that CEOs adapt to thrive in their position.  While you might not be leading a Fortune 500 company, you can and should […]

In Demand Virtual Assistant Service: 5 FAQs About Automation

As a virtual assistant, you have your pick of services to offer.  Be a general VA, and you can complete a slew of services for clients or specialize, and you can become known for one or a few offers. Many virtual assistants choose to specialize in automation because it is one of the most in-demand […]

Virtual Assistant Services: Generalist vs. Specialist

As a virtual assistant, your options for service offerings vary greatly.   You can choose to be like many others and establish yourself as a general virtual assistant offering any service to any client who will pay you. Or, you can stand out from the crowd and brand yourself as a specialist. That’s where the money […]

The Most WELL- PAID Virtual Assistant Niche

Virtual Assistant making decisions about a niche

Today, I’m gonna help you get out of your own way … Virtual Assistants are tailspinning because they’re trying to figure out the most well-paid niche to jump into. Panic and worry step in when it seems like the VAs who are making it got lucky. The biggest roadblock new and experienced Virtual Assistants always […]