The Importance of Project Management Software and Why You Need It

Business owner using a project management tool because she understands the importance of project management software

As a business owner juggling various projects and tasks comes with the territory. While it can feel overwhelming at times, it’s essential that you develop a system to reduce overwhelm while boosting your efficiency and productivity related to completing projects. When you don’t have a central place to organize these projects, goals, and tasks, that’s […]

How to Manage Delegating Tasks With a Virtual Team

Business owner delegating tasks to a member of her virtual team on a video conference

When you have a task that needs to be completed, who do you turn to? The odds are likely that you have team members or freelancers who complete tasks for you, but they’re not sitting in your home office. Working remotely has become standard practice over the years, and with the COVID-19 outbreak, we will […]