How to Write a Winning Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

You have a potential client who is interested in your virtual assistant services. Congratulations! Now what? Either you’ve communicated via email or booked a discovery call, and it’s time to send a proposal based on the service in need.  Having a quality proposal is crucial for booking gigs, so you don’t want to throw one […]

6 Steps to Adopt a CEO Mindset for Small Business Owners

There’s a reason why the title CEO is so well respected. When you think of a CEO, you imagine someone influential, in charge, and leading a business to success. There’s a certain mindset that CEOs adapt to thrive in their position.  While you might not be leading a Fortune 500 company, you can and should […]

In Demand Virtual Assistant Service: 5 FAQs About Automation

As a virtual assistant, you have your pick of services to offer.  Be a general VA, and you can complete a slew of services for clients or specialize, and you can become known for one or a few offers. Many virtual assistants choose to specialize in automation because it is one of the most in-demand […]

Virtual Assistant Services: Generalist vs. Specialist

As a virtual assistant, your options for service offerings vary greatly.   You can choose to be like many others and establish yourself as a general virtual assistant offering any service to any client who will pay you. Or, you can stand out from the crowd and brand yourself as a specialist. That’s where the money […]

The Importance of Project Management Software and Why You Need It

Business owner using a project management tool because she understands the importance of project management software

As a business owner juggling various projects and tasks comes with the territory. While it can feel overwhelming at times, it’s essential that you develop a system to reduce overwhelm while boosting your efficiency and productivity related to completing projects. When you don’t have a central place to organize these projects, goals, and tasks, that’s […]