8 Signs it’s Time to Hire an Online Business Manager


As your online business grows, you need the right support on your team to manage your projects, operations, metrics, and team effectively. The form of that support  can vary – virtual assistant, project manager, systems manager, online business manager, what’s right for you?

For many online businesses that are ready to grow and take on the CEO role in their business, they realize an online business manager, also known as an OBM is the asset they need for their company. 

You want to look at your business goals and where you currently stand in your business to decide whether it’s the right time for you to hire an OBM.

What does an online business manager do?

According to the International Association of Online Business Managers, an online business manager makes sure “…the right things, get done at the right time, in the right way and by the right people.”

An online business manager will help you manage your: 

  • Projects including plans needed to complete projects such as updating a website, launching a program, or increasing revenue. 
  • Operations such as the systems and processes within your business that should be streamlined, so your company runs like a well-oiled machine. Your OBM can help you develop strategies surrounding both. 
  • Metrics including the stats related to your business tasks that let you know what’s working and what isn’t working in your business so you can determine how to improve in various areas. 
  • People because as your business grows, you will need a team to handle various tasks within your business. Your OBM can help you hire, train, and manage your team. 

You’re ready to take on the CEO role in your business

As a business owner, you can take on two roles – one where you’re doing all of the things and managing all of your business components or another where you bring on support to manage specific tasks so you can take your hand out of all the pots. 

Your OBM can take over the back and forth communication, onboarding, following up on deadlines, sharing project communication, and the other day to day management tasks that need to be done. Also, they can develop and follow through with the long term outlook and development of plans necessary to help you achieve your business goals. 

You can make the financial investment

An OBM is an investment in your business who you pay on a monthly basis. Their special set of skills allow you to spend more time working on your business and growing it to spend less time working in your business. 

Your income is stagnant

Sometimes being stagnant comes because you don’t have enough time to focus on growing your company because you have your hand in too many pots. Bringing on an OBM can give you the time to strategize your growth, take on new clients, or create different offerings to boost your income. 

You need management instead of just task completion

Hiring others to complete tasks in your business is helpful and saves you time, but when you’re ready for more than task completion tasks it’s time to bring on an OBM. Hiring a virtual Assistant, social media manager, or another person to complete tasks in your business varies from hiring an OBM. Unlike an OBM, with the other team support, you are responsible for providing them with guidance and overseeing your projects. 

On the other hand, your OBM can develop the plan for your business and help you get the project done. They might then pass on the tasks to a virtual assistant or someone else for completion and manage the project until it’s finished. 

With an OBM on your team, you can stop worrying about the ins and outs of every aspect of your business, which is a significant time saver. 

You’re tired of fielding questions from your team 

While you have team members who help you in your business – since you’re the go-to contact person – you take on all of the questions. That can get overwhelming.  If you’re not providing them with the answers they need, it’ll be difficult for them to perform tasks as desired.

With an OBM on your team, they can field questions from all of your team members, the projects still get done as desired, and you can stay out of it. 

You don’t have good systems

Without the right organization with your systems and processes in place, you will struggle to reach your potential, in your business. Instead of spending your time trying to teach yourself to be competent in an area that you’re not good at, it can be a better use of your time to bring on someone who can. 

You need to be held accountable 

When you are the primary person managing your business’ ins and outs, there’s no one there to hold you accountable. You can set goals, but there’s no one to check that you achieve them. There’s no one there to help you develop a plan to achieve them. 

An OBM can serve as your business partner and support you in achieving your goals.  

You have goals for your business

With a vision for your business, you need the path to make it come to fruition. That’s when your OBM can help you. Your OBM becomes invested in your business and wants to help you achieve it. They have the vision and clarity to help you achieve your goals based on what you want to accomplish.

Are you ready to hire an online business manager? 

If you can relate to the signs listed above, there’s a likelihood that you are ready to hire an online business manager. When you’re ready, it’s a decision that you won’t regret. An OBM can help you streamline your business processes and systems, create plans to achieve your goals, hold you accountable, and allow you to take on the CEO role so you can thrive in the areas of your business that you do best. 

As a certified online business manager, I help my clients launch without the tech and team stress by managing the operations and automating processes that transform your online business into an internet money machine. 

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