How to Write a Winning Virtual Assistant Proposal Template


You have a potential client who is interested in your virtual assistant services. Congratulations!

Now what?

Either you’ve communicated via email or booked a discovery call, and it’s time to send a proposal based on the service in need. 

Having a quality proposal is crucial for booking gigs, so you don’t want to throw one together at the last minute. With a virtual assistant proposal template on hand, you can ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward to increase your client conversion rate. 

What is a virtual assistant proposal template?

Once a client is interested in your services, you will often send out a proposal that further outlines the details of the project being discussed. The proposal will provide a general overview of what the client needs to know to make an informed decision about whether to move forward with the project or not. 

The template is the outline of what you need to include each time you craft a new proposal. So, instead of starting from scratch and wasting time continually researching how to write a proposal, all you have to do is follow your template. 

Why you need a proposal template

You need a proposal because not only does it provide an overview of what the client can expect from working with you, but it helps to instill confidence in the client when determining whether you are a good fit for the service they need moving forward.

Also, having a proposal will save you time from having to start from scratch with each proposal you create. 

What to include in your virtual assistant proposal template

It’s up to you the specifics of what you include in your proposal, but in general, it’s a good idea to touch on the following elements. While this is the general outline that you should incorporate, keep in mind that you can and should cater your proposal to the business owner reading it and the specific services you offer.


You want to start by thanking the potential client for expressing interest in your services. This should be a brief statement that seamlessly movies to the next part of your proposal in which you share something that gets the reader’s attention. You can choose to include a personal connection or a brief highlight of why you think you’re an excellent fit for the project. 


Next, you want to discuss the benefits that the service will offer to your client. This should be straightforward. 

This section is especially beneficial if you reference the specific pain points that the client expressed to you via email or on your discovery call. 

Also, incorporate your strengths into this section. This is an excellent time for you to showcase how you’re different from other virtual assistants who might be vying for the same job. What specific experience or abilities do you have that will pique the clients’ interest based on what he or she needs.


When listing the services you will offer, be sure to keep it concise and list only what you will offer – not how you will do it. Your proposal should give them enough information to know what they agree to. 

Depending on the type of service you offer, you can incorporate links to your work samples within your proposal. This is a great way to drive home the quality of work you can provide and serve as a reminder to the client that you have the skillset to get the task done. 


Now is the time to include your specific plan for the services. You want to include

  • The rate: Your potential client should know either your hourly rate and the estimated number of hours or the project-based rate. Being clear about this upfront will help your client decide whether or not it fits within their budget. If they can or can’t afford the service, now is the time to find out. 
  • The timeline: When should the client expect work to be completed? What will you need from the client to complete the project according to the deadline?
Proposal Expiration Date

Your proposal should not be available to the client indefinitely. 

Instead, list a proposal deadline, so they know when a decision needs to be made. Make it clear that if the proposal is not accepted with the necessary payment and contract signed by the set deadline, then the proposal will expire, and the terms are no longer valid. 

Setting this boundary requires that they decide within a reasonable time instead of waiting until they’re ready to give you a yes or no. 

Additional VA Proposal Tips

Here are some final general tips to remember when crafting your virtual assistant proposal template. 

Keep it professional

The level of visual detail you incorporate into your proposal is up to you. You can create a branded proposal in Canva with your logo and brand colors, keep it simpler using Google Docs or add it to your CRM like Dubsado or Honeybook.  

However you choose to produce your proposal, the key is to ensure that it looks professional and incorporates all elements that will best help you showcase the type of work you can create for the client. 

Don’t make it too long

Your proposal should incorporate all relevant elements without being too long. You want to get straight to the point and provide the information needed to help your potential client decide without overloading them with too much information.  

Remember, a confused mind will struggle to make a decision. 

Re-create your previous proposal or utilize a ready-made template

Modifying an old proposal saves a ton of time; you don’t need to start the process from the beginning for each new prospect. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to craft a quality proposal, consider using a pre-made template. There are various virtual assistant proposal templates available online that you can edit to include your specific project details.

The Quitting Corporate Toolkit should be one of your go to resources.  I created this for virtual assistants, and  included a proposal template, proposal email scripts, discovery call scripts, client onboarding Trello/Asana Board (and much more) that you can use whether you’re launching or growing your virtual assistant business. 

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