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Webinar Set Up

Webinar Set Up

Jump start your webinar with tech and strategy support from beginning to end. Focus on everything you need to deliver great content on webinar day and we’ll do the rest. Just get ready and show up!


Coaching program, course or product? We got you covered! Remember, my aim is to keep your head buried creating and tweaking content. My team and I will manage your launch so you can be the visionary.
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

There’s no point having a webinar or launch without leads, right? We’ll get your content in front of the audience that converts the most in your niche. Metrics and monitoring through the entire process.


  • You need to get your webinar and sequences set up correctly
  • You’ve done webinars with the same number of registrations each time
  • Your email list isn’t growing
  • You’re manually sending emails because your process is not automated
  • You’re still booking calls through back and forth emails
  • You keep having to send payment links to leads
  • You need your landing pages, sales pages and courses linked up with automated registrations
  • You have no idea how you made it this far
  • Your revenue has not increased since the last launch or for more than 6 months
  • You need your funnel managed from top to bottom so that you can make more money
  • Your Facebook ads are laughing instead of optimizing
  • You just want to get it done right the first time so you can grow

Grow With Me

Online Business Management

Operations Management

Managing backend operations, team tasks, deadlines and launches so that you can work on your visions (building content, preparing for launches, connecting with new clients etc).

Project Management

I implement systems and set up automations so that your business stays functional. Standards are documented, simplified, streamlined and reviewed when necessary. Projects are tracked in relevant tools so we can communicate and stay ahead of deadlines.

Team Management

This entails overseeing the hiring process, onboarding and training, supervision, team meeting as well as performance reviews and offboarding.


If you don’t know them you can’t improve them! Monitoring Metrics and Analysis so that you can improve delivery of content, see what’s working and what’s not and make changes that grow the business. I monitor, we plan and strategize.


  • The business is growing and it's time you got some more help
  • You need someone experienced and reliable to grow with you
  • You're looking for someone to keep the entire team accountable
  • The team needs a problem solver that can navigate to find solutions and still keep the projects on track
  • You need systems in place so you know what’s being done in your business and who’s doing it
  • Management is not your favorite thing and day to day operations are slowing you down
  • The business is growing wonderfully and it’s time you got some more help
  • You just want it all to work

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